This is a show for everybody, where in a humorous style, circus and music question the limits of what seems normal and what appears truly weird.
After almost a decade acting around the world, these brothers are evolving artistically and, at the same time, they are starting to wonder: Weirdness;

Is it a matter of perception or a point of view?

Is it odd that contemporary circus is only understood by children?

Is it normal to play Beethoven acrobatically? Is it abnormal for siblings to fight a duel? (With banjos)

Is it crazy or risky, to challenge luck before a dangerous number of unicycle?

Juggling a problem (literally) at your back, is this weird? Is it possible?

And a circus with animals… plastic animals… is it unusual, perhaps?

And by the way… who says all this is strange?

Probably the show does not answer these questions. Or it does. We only know that there is no better time for humour and circus than these hard times, even though it may sound … weird, right?